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I'm a learning experience researcher with the interests in learning sciences applied in educational technology, and how learners' perception and attitude towards AI affects the learning effectiveness. I believe the understanding of human cognition and metacognition is the basis of developing ed-tech, instead of using technologies as one-size-fit-all solutions.

Projects & Work Experiences

Learning Experience Researcher


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Internship and full-time work at PLUS, supervised by Prof. Ken Koedinger
PLUS is software designed to enhance learning effectiveness for K-12 students by providing human tutors with personalized research-driven training and student learning data empowered by AI. I analyzed the learning gain to support the instruction iterations, and explore potentials of auto scoring and feedback. I contributed to several publications related to this product.

Research Lead


METALS Capstone Project with Shonan Seminar Co., Ltd (Japan)
I worked closely with Shonan Seminar to enhance the user experience of their internal teaching reflection system. I led the user research and the user testing with prototypes, as well as the following qualitative analysis. The findings guided the redesign of the user experience and information display.

Learning Engineer


Independent Study on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, supervised by Prof.Bruce McLaren
I collaborated with a Chinese high school chemistry teacher to design an intelligent tutor for equilibrium calculation practice. I conducted a series of learner-centric research, and developed the web-based tutor with adaptive step-wise feedback using CTAT. I tested the tutor and analyzed the learner behavior.
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Informal Learning Projects


Popular science books & videos, museum exhibit, educational game, and more...
I started my own company and created more than 10 popular science comic series, with some published as paper books or in well-known children magzines. With the belief that informal learning is a crucial supplement to formal learning as it stimulate s motivation, I took course related to learning in museums and educational game design to extend my skill set.

My Skills

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User Research
Contexual inquiry
Focus group
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Insight Synthesis
Affinity diagraming
Persona creating
Journey mapping
Survice blueprint
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Design Methods
Rapid prototyping
Backwards design
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Evaluation Methods
A/B testing
User testing
Speed dating
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CTAT nools
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Data Analysis
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Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
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Literature review
Academic writing

My education background

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Carnegie Mellon University
Master of Educational Technology and Applied Learning Science
Human-Computer Interaction Institute
School of Computer Science
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Aug 2021 — Aug 2022
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Nankai University
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
School of Chemistry
Tianjin, China
Aug 2014 — Jun 2018